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“Crew did a great job, very professional”

“Our thanks to the crew for a job well done on our property.”

“It’s been great doing business with you, and your men did a fine job. Great bunch of guys. In the future I’ll call you again when I need tree work done.”

“I wish to thank the company for the good work accomplished at our property a few weeks ago. A number of people have been astonished at how my Pyramidal English Oaks have such a wonderful, improved look! I wish to thank the two polite men who used care and appreciation for two trees that were in desperate need of TLC. Thank you again.”

“From the estimator to the crew, they were very polite, knowledgeable and informative. The staff was very helpful and my trees still have a natural look to them.”

Janet & Greg
“Thank you! The men you sent to do the job were so knowledgeable and professional. They did a great job! The neighbours were impressed too!”

Jane & Cam
“We have a 17 year old cedar hedge that wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the care that Arbortech has given it. Also, if I call Arbortech with questions, Becky and other staff members have been very helpful in giving advice on how to properly care for our other shrubs and trees.”



Exerpts from a letter written by Elizabeth:

"We called Becky at Arbortech about 3 years ago because our euonymus hedge at the back of the yard was dying. This hedge is a huge part of the landscaping of our yard...

Becky promptlyidentified the scale right away...

That first year she sprayed the hedge 3 times with an eco-friendly mineral oil to slow the growth and spread of the scale...

After only one year of treatment the hedge rebounded...growth [of the scale] must be kept under control with a regular maintenance spray each year...

Each year the hedge becomes thicker and looks healthier. We are so pleased that we chose provide such knowledgeable and reliable service."

641 Wright Street Strathroy, Ontario

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